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Above the Clouds


Wanderlust Creation is a full service travel agency offering insight on destinations, hotel recommendations, itinerary planning, and other travel arrangements while providing personalized hospitality and professional travel expertise.

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Behind the Wanderlust

My name Is Rachel. I have always believed that traveling and new experiences is what makes your life richer in the most unforgettable way. It will give you stories to share for years to come and fond memories to look back on. I add value to your vacation by saving you money AND time, and also by being your ultimate advocate! My services offer you peace of mind, and they are completely complimentary with booking your trip.  


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"Small businesses are always where my support lies when I can, and Wanderlust Creation is no exception.  The level of experience and hospitality you get is incomparable.  You really feel how valuable she considers your time to be because she just does it all!"

-K.S. (Greenland traveler)

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