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Down The Rabbit Hole

Welcome! My name is Rachel. I became a travel agent because I have always been passionate about traveling and the tourism industry. I specialize in Disney destinations as my main area of expertise, due to the fact that I have been too many times to even fathom, and the company and I go way back.

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About Me

Once upon a time, I actually worked for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as a college intern in the Disney College Program back in 2017. I was then selected for a part time Cast Member position at Hollywood Studios later that year. In total I spent 2 years working for the company while attending school. I even met my husband there, since he was living and working there also! Our first date was an evening spent at the Magic Kingdom. And then almost two years after, we ended up getting engaged at the Beach Club resort. So I guess everything has come pretty much full circle.

I have earned my bachelors degree in Tourism and Hospitality with a focus in Creation and Promotion. I chose to go to school for this because I have always been drawn to all aspects of hospitality and traveling. It probably goes without saying, but I love vacation planning! I am always working on new plans for my next vacation whether its just a weekend getaway, or a two-week family vacation. My passion, drive, and expertise of the tourism industry lead me here to becoming a small business owner that curates travel experiences.

I would love to connect and assist in creating and customizing your PERFECT vacation in a fashion that is enjoyable and completely stress-free for you!  


Start your journey by emailing me at

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About me
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