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Traveling with Tots 
A Disney Parks Guide

Traveling with young kids to Disney can be daunting for most parents. Here I’m going to share with you my top tips and nuggets of advice that will ensure your family vacation is enjoyable and stress-free! I personally do not have any kids, but luckily I have friends on the other side (aka my old Cast Member colleagues that have little ones). They were more than happy to share all their favorite tips and must-have products when bringing their little ones along to the theme parks!

*all recommended products will be linked at the bottom of the page


Packing Advice

  • rolling their clothes or using packing cubes is great! I love the ones I got from Bagail on Amazon that are linked below (I have the grey geometric print ones because they remind me of Epcot)

  • swim suits and swim diapers

  • a light jacket for evenings or early mornings

  • water shoes for the pool, the ground gets very hot

  • hats to protect their heads and eyes from the sun

  • rain jacket or poncho

  • chargeable stroller fan, *linked one below that clips right on

  • kiddie sunglasses, *linked some below that are perfect for little kids!

  • PLENTY of sunscreen

  • cooling towels, they work incredibly well and benefit the whole family! *linked below

  • toys to entertain them at the hotel or while waiting in lines

  • reusable snack bags, *linked below

  • disposable place mats if you have a child that hates eating off plates, trust me I know its a thing lol.  *linked below

  • clear travel bags for their snacks, diaper cream, medications, etc. an absolute life saver when going through security checks!  *linked below

  • their favorite Disney character costume/princess dress if you own any

  • toy holder to keep them from losing toys underneath restaurant tables *linked below

  • baby utensils because Disney only offers regular sized utensils at their food service locations,*linked below

  • shoes that are comfortable and secure so there are no "Cinderella incidents", you have no idea the amount of random baby shoes that end up in Disney lost and found

Flight Advice

  • bring your child's birth certificate if they are under 2 years old so they can travel on your lap

  • you can check your stroller and get a claim tag for it.  You can pass it off to a flight attendant while boarding and get it back as soon as you get off the plane.  This way you only have to carry your baby while boarding and deboarding.  

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Park Advice

  • you can leave your child in a stroller when going through security, no need to take them out

  • again, clear travel bags for liquid products will make the process so much smoother and faster!

  • stroller strap hooks are great for a heavy diaper bag, *linked below

  • sippy cup/bottle stroller straps are also great if you happen to be raising a future baseball pitcher, *linked below

  • the theme parks and resorts have small playground areas where kids can get some of their energy out

  • when parking your stroller outside, always pull over some kind of rain cover or hood!  Florida has many pop up rain showers.  

  • when traveling by Disney monorail you do not need to close up your stroller.  You can leave your child seated inside and just roll it on in.  However, for Disney buses you ALWAYS have to close up your strollers

  • each of the four theme parks have a Baby Care Center that are air conditioned!  Here you will find private nursing rooms, plenty of changing tables, a kitchenette with a microwave and sink, and a playroom area with seating and a tv playing cartoons.  There is also a small store where you can purchase things like formula, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, clothing, and over the counter medicines.  

  • on the day that you leave Disney to return back home, do not hesitant to use your resorts bell and dispatch services to hold any carry on bags and suitcases for the day

  • also, if you have been staying at a Disney resort and are taking Disney's Magical Express (the free bus that transports you between your resort and the airport) they do play Disney cartoons that run continuously, so no need to worry about using your iPad or phone for your kids' entertainment 

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Some Extra Pixie Dust

  • Refrain from overpacking on clothes if possible because all Disney resorts have laundry facilities, just something to keep in mind.

  • Buy a few new toys that your child has never seen before and pack them, they will hold their attention so much longer when you are in a pinch!

  • If you have Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of their grocery delivery service to ship to your hotel!  They will keep it at bell services for you to pick up (no charge) or you can call to have them deliver it to your room for a small fee.  Also, they will refrigerate your perishable items which is awesome!

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packing cubes

stroller fan

kiddie sunglasses

cooling towels

reusable snack bags

place mats

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