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10 Reasons Why People Work With Travel Agents

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2. They consider your specific interests and vacation needs


People see and understand the value of working with someone who has their best interest in mind.  They enjoy working with a travel agent who listens to them and can expertly customize their trip to fit their exact needs, all while offering helping tips and tricks along the way.


3. Easy to reach


Travel agents work pretty much around the clock so they are very accessible.


4. Top levels of service


Travel and tourism ties in with the hospitality industry, therefore many travel agents have backgrounds in hospitality.  This makes them very approachable and apt to deliver the best possible customer service. They are always happy to answer any questions!

Image by Eva Darron

5. Tourism industry expertise

There is so much misinformation out there, so its nice to have an industry expert who knows the ins and outs of everything that researching and booking destinations entails.  Travel agents have the best possible sources to keep up to date on all industry trends.  They always know the most current and relevant information about tourism.  

6.  Resourceful and knowledgeable

They act as your personal concierge to whatever destination you plan to visit.  By pairing your interests with their own expertise, they are able to bring your dream vacation to fruition.

7. First to know about deals and promotions

Travel agents have access to the best deals and promotions out there.  They have the ability to be in direct contact with suppliers and vendors, so they don’t use any OTA’s or third party sites.  This means no hidden fees for you!

8. Deliver value

When you book by yourself, there’s no one asking you the important questions.  A travel agent is able to bring different options and present them to you without you having to seek out the information you need. 

9.  Everything is personalized to you


Travel agents understand that vacations aren’t “one size fits all”.  There are many options out there and they are able to make different recommendations based on what you are looking for and what type of traveling you are going. 

10. Saves you time and money


Working with a travel agent saves you both time and money.  There are no limits to what travel agents, such as myself, have in our inventory compared to booking online. We work to provide you with a quality experience that is hassle-free so you can focus on what really matters; spending time with your family and friends.

I hope this was helpful information for you. 

If this all sounds like an experience you'd be interested in, reach out to me at and we can begin planning! 

I can't wait to connect and get started!

“Always, as you travel, assimilate the sounds and sights of the world.” - Walt Disney

1.  Free services

​Travel agent services are completely free for anyone to use because they earn commission from the vendors that they book through, such as airlines and hotels.  These booking fees are factored in automatically, so you still pay them regardless.  The only difference is if the travel agent gets to keep these fees as commission if they are the one that does the booking, otherwise it goes to the vendor.

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