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Top 7 Amazing Appetizers at Walt Disney World

Here I go into some of the top-rated appetizers in Disney World, and what I personally feel are the top 7 you can get at various locations all across Disney property in Orlando, FL.  I could go on and on about every one of these but I’ll try to keep things short and simple, and let the pictures do most of the talking!

In no specific order, because I could NEVER...

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1.  The Famous Cobb Saladat the Hollywood Brown Derby, Hollywood Studios

The food offered at the Hollywood Brown Derby is nothing short of amazing, however, their cobb salad really knocks it out of the park! It’s a classic appetizer option that was famously invented at the original Brown Derby located in California.  The Famous Cobb Salad features chopped greens, turkey breast, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, avocado slices, chives, and their signature cobb dressing. I’m a fan of a good cobb salad anytime, but this is the one that started it all for me and I have yet to find one that tops it!

2. Scotch Egg
at Rose and Crown, Epcot

This may sound basic, but I swear it is so good!  Ordering this is a tradition for me and my family and is one of the main reasons we always pay a visit to Epcot’s Rose and Crown (well for this, and the fish and chips of course).  The scotch egg is a classic in the United Kingdom, made up of a hardboiled egg that is wrapped up in a smoked sausage and then fried until it is crispy.  It’s served with a mustard sauce on the side that pairs with it perfectly!  

3. Bread Serviceat Sanaa, Animal Kingdom Lodge (Kidani Village

If you are an avid Disney-goer then you probably saw this one coming.  This is the famous Indian-style naan bread service at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge!  It serves five different kinds of naan bread: traditional, garlic-ginger, spiced, onion kulcha, and paneer-paratha.  What really sets this bread service apart are the accompaniments.  You can choose five or just go big and get all nine of them.  I recommend the latter as they are all amazing.  They will line them up from mild to most spicy for you, so don’t worry if members of your party aren’t as daring. 


My personal favorite is the coriander chutney, which is the 3rd one down on the right side of the board in the picture.  The multitude of combined flavor possibilities and authentic Indian flavors is what makes this one such a cult classic.

4. Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soupat Le Cellier Steakhouse, Epcot

Another top favorite by many Disney fans!  I mean, I feel like it’s not a discussion about Disney food if you don’t bring this one up.  This is Le Cellier’s Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup made with bacon, Moosehead lager, and served with a side of their very well-known pretzel bread!  This soup is thick and creamy and of course extremely cheesy.  It has notes of that smoky bacon flavor and you’ll also notice a subtle malted barley taste from the golden lager.  I know some people tend to skip this one as you will most likely be having a steak entrée, but I promise you will not regret getting this.


5.  Goat Cheese with Crispy Breadat Restaurant Marrakesh, Epcot


This is another favorite in my family that is far too under-rated!  If you like goat cheese, this should be on your list because there’s nothing else like it on property.  It’s a mixture of goat cheese, red pepper, olives, and spices for a spread and served with pieces of thin cracker-like bread.  I don’t know why I don’t see more people raving about it, so I guess you could consider it a hidden gem in Epcot. 

*credits to EasyWDW

6.  Bread Service at Sebastian’s Bistro, Caribbean Beach resort

I know what you’re thinking, ANOTHER bread appetizer… but this one is a newer addition that doesn’t seem to be on a lot of people’s radar.   Believe me when I tell you this bread is incredible!  The bread rolls pull apart so effortlessly and the accompaniments (mango chutney, guava butter, and Jamaican jerk oil) are absolute perfection!  If you can make it over to the Caribbean Beach resort, this one is worth it. 


7.  Cheese Boardat Les Chefs de France, Epcot

This is the Assiette de Charcuterie

(aka charcuterie board) which maybe this is an obvious one since it is a French restaurant, but still worth mentioning since it is one of my favorites. You get so much included on this plate with an entire array of cheeses from various regions in France.  And obviously no charcuterie board would be complete without grapes, meats, and nuts. There’s so much to try that you could honestly come here just for this and be all set. It’s a simple yet elegant option for a light lunch. Also, be sure to ask your server for their recommended wine pairing if you are of legal drinking age. I can assure you they won’t steer you wrong!

Hope you enjoyed!  Let me know if you have tried any of these, or what your favorites are that aren’t on my list.

*credits to EasyWDW
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